MBA Tuition Tax Deduction


Getting an MBA can be very expensive. Deducting your MBA tuition and expenses on your income taxes can result in significant tax savings if you meet the criteria for this deduction. To deduct the expenses related to your MBA as a business expense you need to meet very specific requirements including:

  • The MBA courses must maintain or improve the skills related to your current occupation. This includes education required by law or by your employer to keep your current job status. The MBA cannot be meant to qualify you for a new job or trade.
  • The MBA cannot be used to obtain the minimum educational requirements needed for a an occupation (like medical school for an aspiring doctor, law school to become a lawyer, etc.)

There are many gray areas in determining whether your individual situation meets these guidelines. Taking this type of deduction has become a red flag for the IRS and can result in an audit. The IRS may even decide to disallow this deduction if it’s not applied properly. Determining whether or not you meet the requirements for deducting your MBA tuition is complicated and requires the expertise of a qualified Philadelphia tax accountant like Internal Tax Service, LLC. We are experienced in the dos and don’ts of writing off your MBA. We can help accurately assess your situation and avoid IRS scrutiny.

Call 267-888-6777 today or request a free consultation now to get started. Our Philadelphia CPA firm can help you:

  • Analyze your circumstances to determine whether you qualify for the MBA deduction
  • Prepare and file your tax return with this deduction
  • Help you through an IRS audit if you have already taken this deduction and are being audited

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